Base Filler

The safe way for painting The professional painter knows why.

R.H… 2 Component BASE FILLER, grey No. 10-0026, white No. 10-0042 or black No. 10-0059 is a quick-drying PUR- ACRYLIC FILLER which creates optimal conditions for painting.

Special features:

  • Extremely thinner-proof
  • Rich in solids
  • High-yield

It takes only 24 hours of drying for the R.H… BASE FILLER to become thinnerproof in such a way that the dreaded wrinkling or raising of old lacquer is prevented. There is nothing more annoying than unexpected wrinkling or raising of the lacquer!

R.H… BASE FILLER should always be applied when the type of the old painting is not known and there no information about the properties of the lacquer concerning its reaction to “Nitro/Acrylic Thinners”.

R.H… BASE FILLER provides safety after only 24 hours!


Ground surfaceSand rusty areas until all rust is removed and the surface is shiny. Clean GFK parts with silicone remover and sand mat.
Ratio of mixture100 Volume Parts base filler 20 Volume Parts Hardener No. 29-0009
potlifeready-mixed lacquer must be processed within two hours
Temperaturemust be at 15°C minimum
Drying time24 hours or overnight minimum
Processing withPressure spray gun (2 – 3 bar) or PREVAL-SPRAYER
Available asKIT, consisting of 315 ml base filler and 60 ml hardener No. 29-0009