2 Component Engine Lacquer

Engine block lacquer for motorcycles must meet high demands. The paintwork is visible, thus, a proper appearance of the engine block is to be maintained.

Our laboratory research has taken on the task of solving this problem for the “Do it yourself” user.

The result: A new 2 Component engine block lacquer featuring these qualities:

  • Clear, water-like (concerning the clear lacquer)
  • No yellowing up to 160° C
  • Does not become soft or sticky when exposed to high temperatures
  • Resistant to gasoline, oil and cold cleaning solvents after hardening
  • Good adhesion, even on polished aluminum
  • Inhibits oxidation of aluminum
  • Easy handling and cleaning

RH…2 Component Engine Lacquer are ready to use after adding hardener. Use a 2 – 3 bar spray gun or the Preval-Sprayer. The motor lacquer is applied directly to the oil free, thoroughly cleaned, dry surface of the motor block. It may be applied without primer. However, we recommend RH…2K Motor Block Primer in black, grey or white.