Chrom-nah NG (Next Generation)

There is a new high-end product from the R.H. research laboratory:

Chrom-nah NG (Next Generation)

Hints for the professional paint shop for achieving a mirror finish:

  1. Chrom-nah NG must be sprayed over a glossy 2 Componet lacquer; e.g. 2 Component black lacquer or 2 coat silver metallic (silver base coat lacquer + 2 Component glossy clear lacquer)
  2. In order ot acieve a brilliant mirror-finish effect, this 2 Componet lacquer must hard-dry cmpletely. As 2 Componet lacquers differ in components and drying times, you should check the lacquer used in your paint shop before use. It is crucial to determine the drying time so Chrom-nah NG is not applied too early.

You will find the mirror-finish effect is only moderate when sprayed on 2 Component lackquer which has only dried for a short period of time (e.g. 30 min at 60 C), however, after three days of drying (or 5 h at 60 C) the mirror-finish effect is excellent!

  1. Do not touch the 2 Componet lacquer! Fingerprints or dust cloth traces will show after drying.
  2. Chrom-nah NG must be sprayed with a 0.5 nozzle at 2 bar injection pressur. When using al larger nozzel (1.0 max.) the injection pressure must be raised and the lacquer-flow must be reduced.
  3. Let Chrom-nah NG dry for 30 min at 60°C or overnight.
  4. Seal white 2 Componet clear lacquer.

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Hints for the painter:

Having completed step 4, stay cool, because what you see is too good to be true. The clear lacquer finish will diminish the mirror-finish effect slightly, but this cannnot be avoided at this time. Your customer will be thilled with the brillant results of a paint fob on, for example, the rims. P.S. If you do not mind the extra effort, you can apply another thin, but full coat of 1 Componet water-bases clear lacquer (Order No. 79-0040, 250 ml; let dry for 30 min. at 60 °C). This will enhance the mirror-finish effect and add extra shine.