The PREVAL-Sprayer consists of an aluminum cartridge with a plastic screw thread and a suction tube. The cartridge is screwed onto a glass container featuring a volume scale. The cartridge contains a liquid propellant gas which is sufficient to spray 400 ml of lacquer.

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  1. The cartridge should be at room temperature when used for RH… Motor Lacquer
  2. Please read the handling instructions on the RH… Spray Cans before use!
  3. Shake RH… Motor Lacquer vigorously before filling it into the glass container. You may also prepare only part of the RH… 2 Component Lacquer. The volume scale will aid you in measuring the exact amounts of hardener and lacquer. This is a way of using the 2 Component Lacquer economically as the ready-mixed lacquer cannot be re-used the following day any more.
  4. Firmly connect the suction tube to the adaptor on the bottom of the cartridge; then screw the cartridge onto the glass container.
  5. Use your thumb to press down on the spray button, especially when painting larger surfaces. Make sure you do not accidentally spray your fingertip as drops of lacquer may collect on your fingertip and then may be swept along with the spray jet.
  6. Keep a 25 cm spraying distance to the surface.
  7. While spraying, do no shake the PREVAL-SPRAYER. Do not incline the PREVAL-SPRAYER more than 45°.
  8. Due to evaporative heat loss, the cartridge may cool down during extended use. This causes the internal pressure to decline, which results in a less than optimal nebulization of the paint. In order to avoid these problems, the cartridge should be reheated in warm water (no more than 50° C!) or replaced by another cartridge at room temperature.
  9. After spraying: Remove glass container and clean with RH…Thinner No. 99 – 0004. Spray clean thinner for approximately 2 – 3 seconds in order to remove lacquer from the suction tube and the nozzle. Sprayers cannot be re-used unless cleaned properly!
  10. Please read the safety instructions on the PREVAL-SPRAYER and the RH… Spray Cans.